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Thieaudio Phantom


Planar Magnetic Open Back Over-Ear Headphones with Replacement Velvet Earmuffs

-101mm German ultra-light composite diaphragm with dual magnetic circuit
-Expensive and Exquisite Velvet Earmuffs
-Natural Wood shell and Metal Frame
-Unparalleled Handcraft Technique

  • Superior Planar Magnetic Driver. Thieaudio Phantom is committed to achieving a balanced sound for any genre of music. Using advanced and innovative 101 mm planar magnetic drivers, the Thieaudio Phantom presents a coherent, superiorly balanced, and masterfully detailed sound. With stellar build quality, comfortable design, and an involving, detailed, and clean sound, the Phantom recreates the experience of listening to the actual instruments from a concert or recording studio. Bass is controlled
  • Advanced Planar Technology. The speaker utilizes an exclusive latest generation 101mm German ultra-light composite diaphragm with dual magnetic circuit on equation and high-pass magnet technology. The the strength of the magnets is equal on both sides of the diaphragm, and this has the advantage of minimizing harmonic distortion and improving performance
  • High Quality Raw Materials. High quality solid natural wood is the material chosen for the housing and this grants the best quality of the headphones. Only using high quality materials the end result can be excellent and this led us to choose the best materials available. The shell of the Phantom uses high quality black walnut wood, while the back cover is made of metal and it is made using electrophoresis to guarantee a smooth sound texture. It is truly an elegant, luxurious and overall excelle
  • Comfortable Design. Expensive velvet earmuffs ensure a soft and lush fit. The headband has soft padding that allows you to wear the headphones for multiple hours - don’t worry about fatigue! The headband can be adjusted to fit every head, big or small
  • Headphones Crafted By Hand. The whole process, from material selection, to CNC machining, engraving, grinding, polishing, as well as repeated oiling and drying, is done by hand. The Phantom is an exquisite display of fine craftsmanship


●Thieaudio Planar Magnetic Headphones
●Open back
●Planar magnetic drivers
●Driver size: 101 mm
●Impedance: 47 ohms
●Sensitivity: 93±3 dB
●Frequency response: 5 Hz - 50 kHz
●Distortion: < 1% @ 1 kHz
●Rated Power:2W
●Weight, excluding cable: 440g
●Cable: 1.8 meter(5.9ft) OFC cable
●Plug: 3.5mm

What’s in the Box:
-Thieaudio Phantom Headphone
-Headphone Cable
-One Pair of Additional Earpads