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Founded by Dr. Fang Bian , HiFiMAN today is widely regarded as one of the leading designers and manufacturers of high performance headphones and portable audio products. In 2009, HiFiMAN released the HM-801, the first true high-end portable music player, highly acclaimed by critics and music lovers alike. HiFiMAN is also renowned for its critically-acclaimed Planar-Magnetic headphones that feature state-of-the-art driver technology. The company also designs and manufactures best-in-class dynamic in-ear drivers which have also garnered awards and rave reviews.

HiFiMAN also owns and operates Head-Direct, an online webstore featuring the finest headphones and portable audio players available today, including HiFiMAN products.

HiFiMAN was founded in New York City in 2006. HiFiMAN owns two factories and one R&D center locating in China currently. HiFiMAN's warehouse in IL&DE. HiFiMAN's US office and service office locate in Newark, DE.