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HIFIMAN is, quite simply, the result of Dr. Fang Bian’s undying commitment to establish an audio company that caters to audiophiles and casual listeners alike with an array of personal audio products for a wide range of budgets and lifestyles. HIFIMAN is the brainchild of Dr. Fang Bian, a portable audio hobbyist, scientist and businessman, who founded the company in 2005 when he lived in New York City. The business originally took shape as a web store named Head-Direct that took an active role on Head-Fi, the world’s largest online audio community dedicated to covering all aspects of personal audio. Sensing that the market was ready for a young upstart brand to introduce radical new designs that maximized both performance and value, Dr. Bian established the HIFIMAN brand in 2007. From this point on, he focused all his time and energy on a product roadmap that started to take shape when, in 2011, he established two factories in southern China, followed by a move of the company’s headquarters to its current home in Tianjin, China.