KB Ear 4 Core Copper Cable (2 Pin)

Mic/Without Mic

KBEAR 4 Core Copper Earbuds Headphone Cable With Metal 2PIN/QDC/MMCX/TFZ Earphone Connector For KZ EDX BL01 KBEAR KS1 KS2 Headset

Earphone Specification

1. Product Name: KB EAR 4 core copper cable

2. Brand: KB EAR

3. Color: copper

4. Material:Copper

5. Cable Length:1.2CM±0.2

6. Interface:2Pin/QDC Pin

7. Use For:

2 pin with micAsBelow


QDC with micAsBelow
TFZ As Below
TFZ With Mic As Below
MMCX As Below
MMCX With Mic As Below