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Fearless Audio S8Z (transparent series)

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8 drivers 3-way crossover, excelsior new driver architecture

In S8Z, we upgraded the overall driver's structure, the low frequency change into the Sonion 37 series composite low-frequency driver, due to the driver itself open hole and cavity extra features, not only on the whole low frequency performance compared with ordinary driver more dynamic elasticity of low-frequency texture, but also has more excellent response speed than dynamic driver.

Medium frequency adopts Sonion's 23 series composite driver, which is also a common driver series in the flagship models. Compared with other medium frequency drivers, the 23 series has more "smooth" sound characteristics, with gorgeous but not sharp voice expression and more natural sound performance.

The high frequency adopts Knowles' SWFK series composite high frequency driver, which has maintained the smooth characteristics and detail expression ability of our S series.

The product of the era of big data, self-evolving Y2K tuning concept

Tuning itself is a very subjective work. When a product confirms the tuning, it usually collects more people's opinions, which is not only a free riding process, but also a complicated and painful experience. In a lot of auditory feedback, the result is that there is a point that needs to be adjusted, and this point is a parameter that is difficult to quantify, leading to a lot of uncertainty and inefficiency. And we want to change that.

From proposal to implementation, we spent two years developing the Y2K tuning system, quantifying and collecting all the acquired data, accumulating many times more accurate data in the same time, and applying it to the subsequent tuning process. S8Z is the finished product that fits with the application of Y2K tuning technology. In the common eight-driver ratio, we have accumulated high-order tuning concept and strategies. After several times of polishing, we have obtained continuous evolution – better sound performance than superior.

DTC conduit tuning device under ACME platform, break the existing tuning barrier

With the gradual maturity of HIFI products, the ergonomic experience of earphones has been attached more and more importance. However, we found that many products, for example, ensure that the ergonomics and the number of drivers are satisfied at the same time, and will choose to ignore the rationality of driver placement. In this way, it is easy to generate sound phase problems, which will bring negative effects. DTC tube tuning device of S8Z is new product, it creating by our mature 3D printing technology and accumulated ACME platform technology. It is in order to perfectly solve the problem of driver placement, and precisely defined each frequency band tube route and internal tuning acoustic channel. Actually this structure is very small, but it contains our many years of tube tuning experience and the precipitation of 3D printing technology in a millimeter.

The carefully tuned frequency response curve, everything was just right

The overall listening style of S8Z is listenable and natural, with a rich sense of low frequency, excellent elasticity, as well as listening sense and quality. The vocal part is full of emotion and delicate expression. High frequency beautiful and strong sense of air. Working with the top tuners in the industry, we have a paranoid pursuit of the good voice, customized grade drivers with fine acoustic tuning, everything is just right.

Hundreds of modify, the never stop spirit of ingenuity

Years of experience in making customized earphones for private models has enabled us to accumulate a large amount of ergonomic data. With the help of 3D printing, a technology that can quickly develop modern ideas, our development speed in ergonomics has been increased by a factor of ten. Compared to the traditional earphone design, our products are more fastness and comfortable to wear.

Ingenuity, craftsmanship for the soul
Panel is the window of the earphone. We choose to apply the hand-made custom earphone technology to give each pair of earphones a unique soul. Different from the masses and stereotypes of the fixed appearance of mass-produced headphones, she is so spiritual and natural.

Perfect sound of music, HIFI-grade oxygen-free copper cable
Earphones uses 2pin 0.78mm detachable 6N single crystal copper wire base, ultra-soft imported frosted silicone, and almost no stethoscope effect. 8 strands weaving, single wire base contains 148 fine conductors. Compared with configuration cable, it has a relatively comprehensive improvement in sound. The sound is clean and transparent. Low-frequency texture, three-frequency connection, separation has improved. The overall thickness of the cable is suitable, and it is perfectly combined with the sound quality.

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