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Topping MX3 DAC+AMP

Topping MX3 is a true multitasker. Its compact, aluminum case is filled to the brim with hi-fi audio components. Inside you’ll find a USB DAC, Bluetooth receiver, integrated amplifier and a headphone amplifier. MX3 is fitted with a myriad of inputs and outputs, including USB, optical and coaxial inputs, and 3.5mm jack headphone output, banana outputs and a dedicated RCA output for a subwoofer.

MX3 is based on high-quality components with proven reputation in the audio world, these include PCM5120A DAC chip, SA9023A USB interface, CS8416 S/PDIF receiver, NJW1194 volume controller, TDA7498E amplifier chip and LMH6643 headphone amplifier chip.

Texas Instruments PCM5120A DAC chip uses the latest generation of TI-s advanced segment-DAC architecture to achieve excellent dynamic performance and improved tolerance to clock jitter. It comes with a 32bit, 384kHz PCM interface and features market-leading low out-of-band noise, integrated negative charge pump, intelligent muting system and an integrated high-performance audio PLL which reduces the system’s EMI.

STMicroelectronics TDA7498E is a dual BTL class-D audio amplifier known for its high efficiency, differential inputs that minimize common-mode noise, small offset and smart thermal overload protection.

Texas Instruments LMH6643 chip responsible for headphone amplification is a true single supply voltage feedback amplifier that offers high speed (130MHz), low distortion (-62dBc), and an exceptionally high output current (approximately 75 mA). Its output voltage range allows for a wide dynamic range, its output stage is capable of driving heavy loads, while fast output Slew Rate (130V/us) ensures large peak-to-peak output swings even at high speeds. Careful attention has been paid to ensure LMH6643’s stability under all operating voltages and modes. The result is a very well behaved frequency response characteristic (0.1dB gain flatness up the 12 MHz under 150 Ω load and AV = +2) with minimal peaking (typically 2dB maximum).

Its intuitive design makes it very easy to use. It has a very readable LED display and a number of features, such as remote control or NFC pairing, those combined with high quality components, guarantees joy of listening to the music.


  • Inputs: Bluetooth, USB, optical, coaxial, AUX
  • Headphone output: 3.5mm
  • Speaker output: banana, BTL
  • Subwoofer output: RCA
  • Bluetooth range: < 10m
  • Display: orange LED
  • THD+N:
    • <0,0006% @ 1kHz, 130 mW, 32 ohm (headphone out)
    • <0,005% @ 1kHz, 20W, 8 ohm (speaker out)
  • SNR:
    • >103dB @ 1kHz (headphone out)
    • >91dB @ 1kHz (speaker out)
  • Frequency response: 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Noise:
    • <18uVrms (headphone out)
    • <0.5Vrms (speaker out)
  • Output voltage:
    • 10Vpp (headphone out)
    • 46Vpp (speaker out)
  • Channel crosstalk:
    • -93dB @ 1kHz
    • -75dB @ 1kHz
  • Channel balance: 0.05 dB
  • Output impedance:
    • <0.4 ohm (headphone out)
    • <0.2 ohm (speaker out)
  • Gain:
    • 11.6dB (headphone out)
    • 29.6dB (speaker out)
  • Output power:
    • 257mW x 2 @ 32 ohm THD+N<1%; 42mW x2 @ 300 ohm THD+N<1% (headphone out)
    • 38W x 2 @ 8 ohm THD+N<10%; 40W x 2 @ 4 ohm THD+N<10% (speaker out)
  • Suitable load impedance:
    • 16 – 300ohm for headphones
    • 4 – 8ohm for speakers
  • USB in: 44.1kHz – 96kHz / 16Bit – 32Bit
  • Optical/coaxial in: 44.1kHz – 192kHz / 16Bit – 24Bit
  • Bluetooth: HFPV1.6, A2DPV1.2, AVRCPV1.4
  • Dimensions: 18.5 x 12.2 x 3.8cm
  • Weight: 475g
  • Color: black / silver
  • Power input: DC24V/3.75A

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