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TOPPING D10 Mini USB DAC CSS XMOS xu208 es9018k2m opa2134 Decoder Audio Amplifier


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  • Customized Thesycon driver + XMOS XU208 + ES9018K2M + OP.
  • Maximum support DSD256, PCM384kHz/32bit.
  • Orange indicator of format & sampling rate
  • Replaceable op > D10 has op amp socket, DIY lovers can change the op amp to meet different needs
  • Connect to active speakers > D10 provide not only DSD and higher specifications PCM compatibility but also a better sound quality than your computer's built-in sound card or a regular DAC
  • Automatic power on/off/ format and sampling rate indicator> although the USB port Support power after PC has shutdown, D10 still will synchronously power on/off with PC. Indicate the audio format (PCM or DSD) and sampling rate of the playing music
  • What can get: Topping D10 amplifier and welcome Guide, our fan-favorite 18-month