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Topping A50 – Desktop headphone amplifier


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Topping A50 is an elegant and compact, high-performance desktop headphone amplifier / pre-amplifier that can easily drive all kinds of headphones. Despite being compact in size, A50 is very versatile and convenient, as it is fitted with 3 different headphone outputs, including 1 balanced one and its suitability for headphone impedance from 16 ohm up to 600 ohm. It is also equipped with a RCA output making it a perfect partner for a power amplifier or a set of active speakers.

Ultra-wide frequency response and pure power

Topping A50 provides an extremely wide frequency response of 20Hz – 200kHz, which exceeds Hi-Res Audio certification requirements 5 times meaning you won’t miss a single detail in your favorite music. A50 produces an output power of 2200 mW with an optional gain of 0dB/9dB meaning that even the most sophisticated, high impedance and power hungry headphones will be driven with ease.

Headphone amplifier

Headphone amplification circuit includes a pair of LME49720 OP-Amps fitted in sockets, so DIYers will be able to replace them to achieve a different sound signature. Precise volume level adjustment in A50 is achieved by scanning the position of volume knob, digitalizing it and then transmitting the data to JRC1195 controller. Thanks to this solution the problem with unbalanced volume between channels on lowest levels is fixed completely.

The power supply in Topping A50 is stabilized by the Texas Instruments TPS7A33/47 ultra-low noise negative voltage regulator. TPS7A33/47 is a linear regulator that includes a built-in current limit and thermal shutdown feature to protect the amplifier in case of a fault, designed for high-precision instrumentation applications, where clean voltage supply is critical to maximize system performance by providing continuous pure power. This makes it an ideal choice to power A50.

Versatile outputs

The front panel of Topping’s A50 aluminum uni-body is fitted with three headphone outputs. Two of which are single ended: 6.35 mm jack and 3.5 mm mini-jack, and the 2.5 mm micro-jack is balanced allowing the user to plug a wide variety of headphones and cables to A50 without the need for any adapters or connectors. Single ended outputs are able to handle headphones with impedance ranging from 16 ohm up to 300 ohm, while the balanced output is capable of handling headphones with impedance between 16 ohm and 600 ohm.

With both RCA input and output on the back panel, the A50 can also work as a pre-amplifier, making it a perfect match for a power amplifier or a set of active speakers.

The more the merrier

Topping A50, Topping D50s DAC and Topping P50 power supply makes these three products into a complete and very efficient system. All three have CNC aluminum uni-body cases in a consistent visual design. Such case not only looks elegant and stylish, the case's integrated thermal conductive columns which works as a passive heat-sink, protects the device from overheating and ensuring the optimal temperature for maximum performance. Topping D50s is a versatile multi-input DAC with Bluetooth that also boasts the Hi-Res Audio certificate making it a perfect partner for A50, while P50 power supply will provide an extremely clean power for both of these devices, allowing them to perform at their full potential.


  • Product type: Headphone amplifier
  • Input: 1 x stereo RCA
  • Outputs:
    • 1 x stereo RCA
    • 1 x single-ended 6.35 mm headphone jack
    • 1 x single-ended 3.5 mm headphone mini-jack
    • 1 x balanced 2.5 mm headphone micro-jack
  • THD+N:
    • Single-ended @ 1kHz: <0.0006% (output power = 100mW (32 ohm))
    • Single-ended @ 20Hz – 20kHz: <0.0015% (output power = 100mW (32 ohm))
    • Single-ended @ 1kHz: <0.0006% (output power = 12mW (300 ohm))
    • Single-ended @ 20Hz – 20kHz: <0.0006% (output power = 12mW (300 ohm))
    • Balanced @ 1kHz: <0.0016% (output power = 100mW (32 ohm))
    • Balanced @ 20Hz – 20kHz: <0.0022% (output power = 100mW (32 ohm))
    • Balanced @ 1kHz: <0.0004% (output power = 50mW (300 ohm))
    • Balanced @ 20Hz – 20kHz: <0.0004% (output power = 50mW (300 ohm))
  • Suitable headphone impedance:
    • Single-ended: 16 – 300 ohm
    • Balanced: 16 – 600 ohm
  • Gain settings: 0 dB / 9 dB
  • SNR: 123dB @ 1kHz
  • Dynamic range: 123dB @ 1kHz
  • Frequency response:
    • Gain 0dB: 20Hz – 20kHz +/- 0.6dB
    • Gain 9dB: 20Hz – 40kHz +/- 0.6dB
  • Output level:
    • Single-ended:
      • Gain 0dB: 10.6Vpp
      • Gain 9dB: 20.0Vpp
    • Balanced:
      • Gain 0dB: 21.4Vpp
      • Gain 9dB: 40Vpp
  • Noise:
    • Single-ended:
      • Gain 0dB: <3.0uVrms
      • Gain 9dB: <5.0uVrms
    • Balanced:
      • Gain 0dB: <5.0uVrms
      • Gain 9dB: <10.0uVrms
  • Output impedance:
    • Single-ended: <4.7 ohm
    • Balanced: <9.4 ohm
  • Output power:
    • Single-ended, Gain 0dB : 2x 1110mW @ 32Ω, THD+N < 1%
    • Single-ended, Gain 9dB : 2x 160mW @ 300Ω, THD+N < 1%
    • Balanced, Gain 0dB : 2x 2200mW @ 64Ω, THD+N < 1%
    • Balanced, Gain 9dB : 2x 640mW @ 300Ω, THD+N < 1%
  • Dimensions: 11 x 12.3 x 2.6 cm


  • Box Includes:
    • A50
    • Power adapter
    • User’s manual
    • Warranty card

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