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Moondrop Blessing 2


1 DD + 4BA configuration •Hybrid three frequency division
The physical band-pass and low-pass filtering of the sound duct structure relying on 3D printing to form a hybrid three-frequency structure, which is divided by the RC power frequency division.
Dual Knowles’ SWFK high-frequency balanced armature unit is responsible for high-frequency.
A pair of exclusive custom IF units are for mid-frequency (to achieve VDSF Target Frequency.
A 10mm dynamic coil unit of a paper cone composite diaphragm is for low-frequency.
All for the transparent sounds with deep bass, middle pitch, and sweet treble.

Scientifically effective and unpretentious configuration
The configuration of 1 DD and 4BA efficiently utilizes the acoustic characteristics of dynamic and armature hybrid. Unlike the blind stacking together, Blessing2's configuration is simple, reasonable, and efficient. A custom full-frequency composite balanced armature is responsible for the mid-frequency, and it is used in the 500Hz-80004 frequency band that meets the VDSF Target Response in conjunction with the circuit and filtering conditions, which guarantees the quality and dynamic density. For the high-frequency, this earphone adopts the American Knowles SWFK with low distortion and excellent high-frequency bandwidth to match the mid-frequency sensitivity. With excellent low frequency response, quality index and hearing sense, 10mm diameter paper cone diaphragm dynamic coil unit is used for low-frequency, and its use efficiency at low frequency is much higher than any of them.

One Year Warranty


  • Impedance: 22 Ω @ 1kHz (± 15%)
  • Unit configuration:  1DD & 4 BA each side
  • Frequency response range: 9-37KHz
  • (1 / 4-inch free-field microphone, -3dB)
  • Treble unit: Knowles SWFK
  • Midrange; Softears D-MID-A
  • Bass: 10mm paper cone diaphragm coil
  • Effective frequency response: 20-20KHZ
  • (EC60318-4)
  • Quality control range: ± 1dB @ 1kHz
  • Sensitivity: 117dB / Vrms @ 1kHz
  • Change connector: 0.78-2Pin
  • THD: <1% @ 1KHz
  • Shell technology: 3D printing of imported medical resin

Customer Reviews

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Md. Kaykobad
Sinking into music!

Just managed my best combo blessing: 2 with hip dac. waiting for a good balanced cable....

Asifur Rahim
Blessing to the audiophiles

This is an amazing IEM and amongst Moodrop's best... this is a total steal for the price and can put any similar ranged IEM into shame in no time.... Highly recommended