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Kenny G - Breathless

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Soaring soprano sax from Bill Clinton's favorite sax player, and America's, too! The hit release that's been atop the charts the entire year.

Like its predecessors, Kenny G's Breathless is a collection of tuneful, easy-listening instrumentals baited with a couple of pop-soul vocal numbers. This album is built on Kenny G's most obvious strengths: his knack for writing hummable pop hooks and his ability to play those radio-friendly melodies in a breathy, fluid style that invites the listener to lie back and relax. When it comes to background music that's slightly catchier and peppier than most new age music, Kenny G is a master of his genre. The titles of Kenny G's instrumentals on are a good clue to his approach: "Sentimental", "The Joy of Life", "Forever in Love" and "The Wedding Song". Sentimental, in the sense of simplifying life to a set of comfortable feelings, is a good adjective for Kenny G's music, for even his wordless instrumentals push the listener's warm glow buttons while ignoring anything more complicated. The saxophonist himself programmed many of the drum, bass and keyboard parts on Breathless, contributing to the sense that everything's running on autopilot. --Geoffrey Himes