ifi xDSD Gryphon bluetooth DAC AMP

A hi-fi system in your pocket

Premium HD DAC + Powerful Balanced headphone amp


 Ultra-resolution Portable DAC &High-power Headphone Amplifier

The xDSDGryphon is for the serious music lover/headphone user who desires its unique combination of facilities and performance.
It combines the functionality and technology of not only the renowned xDSDbut also the xCAN, enhanced and re-engineered across the board to create the most comprehensively equipped portable DAC/headphone amp on the planet.

A Hi-fi System in your Pocket

•State-of-the-Art, Ultra-Res digital technology
•Three dedicated stages –Bluetooth, DAC and amplifier-optimized for max performance
•PureWaveanalogue technology

Ultra-Res DAC/Amp

•Ultra-res PCM up to 32-bit/768kHz via USB(192kHz via optical/coaxial)
•Native playback up to DSD512
•Full MQA decoding (up to 384kHz)

Audio Format LEDs

Input LEDs

Volume LEDs