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Jamiroquai - High Times: Singles 1992-2006 (Used)

With a voice like Stevie Wonder, a production sound that recalls the string-laden, slinky-bass disco of Studio 54 and a penchant for funky dance moves and outlandish hats, Jamiroquai's Jay Kay has successfully managed to straddle the underground and mainstream for the best part of 15 years. High Times brings together 19 of his band's hits to date, ranging from early 90s acid jazz classics "When You Gonna Learn", "Too Young To Die" and "Blow Your Mind", to later successes such as "Canned Heat", "Cosmic Girl", "Virtual Insanity" and on to recent songs from 2005 album Dynamite, such as "Feels Just Like It Should" and "7 Days In Sunny June". There are also two new tracks - the current single "Runaway" and the edgier "Radio", both of which continue the Jamiroquai tradition of mildly euphoric dancefloor disco-soul. Despite sticking to a formula of sorts over the years, the songs on this collection compliment each other well and form an impressive overview of one of the UK’s most distinctive bands.--Danny McKenna

  1. When You Gonna Learn?
  2. Too Young to Die
  3. Blow Your Mind
  4. Emergency on Planet Earth
  5. Space Cowboy
  6. Virtual Insanity
  7. Cosmic Girl
  8. Alright
  9. High Times
  10. Deeper Underground
  11. Canned Heat
  12. Little L
  13. Love Foolosophy
  14. Corner of the Earth
  15. Feels Just Like It Should
  16. Seven Days in Sunny June
  17. (Don't) Give Hate a Chance
  18. Runaway
  19. Radio