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Hiby R2 Portable Music Player

The HiBy R2 is an entry-level HiFi digital audio player.  Operating on the Linux-based HiByOS bit-perfect audiophile operating system, the R2 is the first HiBy product to include dual microphones for use as an audio recorder.  Also supporting streaming, internet radio and e-book functionalities.


Operating System
SoC Ingenic X1000E
DAC ES9218
Dimensions 61*61*12 mm
Weight 85g
Display size 2.45”
Display resolution 480*360
Battery size 1000mAh
Storage via MicroSD card slot supporting up to 2TB
USB Type-C USB2.0 port
Play time 15 hours continuous
Standby 20 days
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0
WiFi bands 2.4GHz, 5GHz
3.5mm output power 70mW+70mW
3.5mm THD+N <0.001%




Be audiophile in high fashion

Utilizing an all new zinc alloy chassis for a smooth fine body. Small, light device even more comfortable in the hand thanks to the gentle curves befitting a HiBy family member.

Supports streaming audio

Supports internet radio and TIDAL music streaming.
Be connected to your music from anywhere!

(Qobuz streaming will come in the future.)

ES9218 HiFi audio chipset

Supporting up to 32bit / 384kHz and DSD128, the R2 uses this audio chipset for greater decode ability and lower noise and distortion.

Hear the difference. 

All-format support

mp3, wav, ape, flac, dsf, dff, iso, cue, wma, ogg, aac, opus, aiff etc. all supported.

MQA support

4x unfold of MQA files, giving master-tape quality audio re-constitution, richer replay of the sound as intended—it's a take-you-to-the-concert / studio experience!

Dual HiRes accreditation

HiRes & HiResWireless
Doubly audio-quality assured! 

Supporting UAT for HiFi Bluetooth

UAT--Ultra Audio Transmission. Developed in-house by HiBy, this new Bluetooth codec supports audio transmission at up to 192kHz, data bandwidth up to 1.2Mbps, and can even optimize transmission according to music content.

Bluetooth 5.0

Supporting both Bluetooth transmission and reception for greatest “ease-of-play”!  Supporting UAT, LDAC, aptX, AAC and SBC Bluetooth audio transmission
and UAT, LDAC, AAC and SBC reception.

Supporting 5GHz WiFi

For the speediest streaming, WiFi audio and data transmission / reception.

HiByOS takes on everything

HiByOS is a bit-perfect audiophile operating system developed in-house by HiBy. Designed from the ground up for optimum audio performance, it also contains several innovative functional extensions for the greatest “ease-of-play”!


Operate your pocket R2 from your huge smartphone screen. Install the HiByMusic app on your smartphone to connect to the R2 via Bluetooth or WiFi to view / browse the R2 music library on your smartphone, play / pause skip, adjust volume, etc. Just like having an audiophile smartphone but better! 

MSEB (MageSound 8-ball)

The MSEB is a sophisticated audio remastering system developed in-house by HiBy, able to directly control warmth, thickness, vocal forwardness, impulse response and other qualities highly sought after by audiophiles.

Supporting microphone recording

Dual microphones for high quality stereo audio recordings.
A concert-goer must-have and sure-fire party trick! 

Play time

With 15 hours continuous play time and 20 days standby, any time is play time!



Buttons & Ports

List of included items

R2 player, USB cable, protective case for R2, instruction manual and warranty card