Hama Carbon Fibre Record Cleaning Brush

Maintain LP Playback Quality with Hama Carbon Fibre LP Record Cleaning Brush

The Carbon Fibre LP Record Cleaning Brush from Hama will keep your LP and vinyl records playing as new, with carbon fibre bristles that can be used to gently sweep away particles of dust and dirt on the surface of the record without inflicting scratches or damage. These particles can often interfere with the smooth rotation of the record and the path of the needle of a record player, leading to jumpy or poor quality playback. However, by elimination through thorough cleaning with the Hama Carbon Fibre Brush, listeners can help maintain smooth sounding audio and the original performance of the record. Gently brushing records before and after play (even if brand new) is recommended to keep your records looking and sounding their best.

Portable Cleaning Solution
With a sturdy aluminium handle and cleaning bracket, the compact brush possesses an easy-grip, portable design which can easily be stored and transported with your records, or slipped in a bag or pocket for a quick clean. Along with the soft antistatic quality of the brush, this means it is perfect for numerous other cleaning applications around the home and office, such as computer screens and keyboards.