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Final Audio Design E3000C/E3000C H-Res Earphone Stainless Steel

  • Innovative Vent Design: To enable accurate airflow of the final E3000, a small opening at the back of the housing extends the reproduction of low frequencies
  • Precision Dynamic Driver: Highest levels of precision have been implemented in the construction of the small-scale dynamic driver unit in the heart of the final E3000
  • Stainless Steel Structure: With the highly-rigid housing crafted from stainless steel, the drivers of the final E3000 are kept highly stable, minimizing vibrations that might taint the sound
  • Flexible Cable Design: With soft, flexible coated material of the cable, touch noise is reduced dramatically

Customer Reviews

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Final audio e3000

The Final Audio E3000 is a good example of old is gold: sometimes older gear may be better sounding than some newer (almost weekly) CHIFI budget releases, with the Final Audio E3000 sporting a warm mild V shaped non fatiguing tuning, with excellent soundstage, imaging and instrument separation at the sub $50 region. Mids are quite sublime and well balanced. It requires amping to shine though, and the noodle thin non detachable cable may be a deal breaker for some. But if one can look past the cable issue, subdued treble and a slow bass, I can see this being an end game budget DD set for those that like a warm and thick sound signature.

Final Audio E3000C - The under played IEM

Pros: - Small size and comfortable fit
- Excellent soundstage... improves significantly with a good amp/dac powering source
- Great imaging & natural timbre
- Good and detailed bass
- versatile and performs good across All genres
Cons: - Very thin & Non replaceable cable
- A bit heavy on the bass
- Average clarity
- Hard to drive & requires to be paired with a powerful amp/dac
Final Audio E3000C - The under played IEMIMG_4790_photo.jpg

I have bought this IEM with my own hard earned money and no one has paid me anything or supplied me with any review unit. So, everything mentioned in this review are purely my own based on my experiences with the IEM.

Housing: Stainless steel mirror-finished
Driver: 6.4mmΦ dynamic driver
Cable: OFC Cable
Impedance: 100 dB/mW
Sensitivity: 16Ω
Weight: 15g



Final Audio E3000C has the same size housing as E2000C.
However, the E3000C comes with stainless steel housing looks “classier” than the E2000C.
Both sets have the same oxygen-free copper cable. Inside the housing, E3000C has the 6.4mm dynamic driver.
This is also an open back IEM.

I don't particularly prefer the ear tips that come with Final E3000C as they tend to boost bass and E3000C already has good amount of Bass. Hence, the tips you see above are my own IKKO tips.

This is a small bullet-style iem and it is very comfortable and almost weight-less compared to other ChiFi IEMs

First and foremost i would like to mention that this IME has great potential and shines to a great extent when paired with a good & powerful amp/dac.

AMP/DAC used: Fiio Q3, IKKO Zerda ... both paired with my iPhone 12 Pro

Bass: This is a bass focused IEM and it shines in this department with its very natural bass reproduction.

Mids: This is a very natural sounding IEM & first thing that comes to mind is how natural the vocals sound. The vocal balancing between male/female vocals are great. The tonality is slightly on the warmer side.

Highs: The Treble is quite relaxed, while being natural and clean. Excellent for long sessions

Clarity: This is the department where it suffers most. Its not below average but I have seen other IEMs perform better in this department. There is room for improvement here.

Soundstage & Imaging: Bigger than average. Although not big enough to be recommended for live music. Perfectly fine on other stuff. Imaging is also great.

Overall, this is a great IEM for the price range and can easily outperform lot of other ChiFi IEMs in similar price range.

Hoping to see even better IEMs coming up from FINAL AUDO product line within similar price ranges...

Fantastic Sound Quality

This Japanese earphone simply rocks...If you are basshead and a fond of IEM , this is for you....Though the cable quality is mediocre, but if you consider the price, its OK....Other high end models are far more expensive......