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FiiO M3 Pro Touchscreen High resolution music player

    High Resolution, Full Touchscreen

    3.5-inch full-size high-sensitivity capacitive touch screen with IPS technology, unique zinc alloy body, smooth and natural, elegant and durable. All-touch design provides the most convenient and comfortable interactive experience, making your operation easier.

    High-Fidelity Sound Quality

    The M3 Pro is powered by the powerful Ingenic X1000E processor and well-received DAC ES9218P, which ensures you get a smooth, yet long-lasting experience without breaking the bank. A Digital Signal Processor with dynamic range control ensures high volumes are distortion-free and low levels produce rich bass, creating a distinctive immersive listening experience. Supports most audio formats: MP3/OGG/AAC/AIFF/WMA/APE/FLAC/ALAC /WAV/DSD

    Asynchronous USB DAC function

    No other player in the M3 Pro’s segment can be used as a USB DAC. It allows you to enjoy up to 192kHz/24 bit audio! USB Audio digital output is supported, up to DSD128

    Power For Days

    Equipped 1000 mAh high-capacity lithium-ion battery and USB-C charging technology. The M3 Pro has a battery life up to 15 hours and standby time up to 35 days. That means if you listen 3.5 hours every day, the M3 Pro can go for a whopping 1 week before needing to be charged again!

    Powerful Multi-function

    Support music playback,lossless HD sound recorder, 10-digit display calculator, picture gallery,Text document TXT reading,Rapid file transfers through OTG, TF Card and Setting Function.


    Technical support for M3 pro

    1.How to upgrade the firmware of M3 Pro?

    Upgrade when the M3 Pro is powered on: Copy the firmware file to the root directory of the Micro SD card, go to system settings and click system upgrade. Note that do not unzip the file.

    2.How to copy songs to M3 Pro?

    Go to Settings list to switch the working mode to Storage mode. Use the attached cable to connect it to your computer so that your can transfer music files from your computer to the M3 Pro.

    3.What are the common gesture controls for M3 Pro?

    a. Swipe right from the left edge to return or exit; b. Swipe down from the top edge for a Drop-down menu; c. When the M3 Pro is on the song list or the file list interface, swipe left from the right edge to pop up the menu; d. Homepage display and volume adjustment: swipe up and down in the now playing interface to adjust the volume(excl. in the lyrics display interface); e. Click the HOME icon on the upper left corner to directly return to the homepage.

    4.What do if the M3 Pro was stuck or the Micro SD card is not recognized?

    Long press the power button for 10s to reboot the system.

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