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FiiO E10K USB DAC Headphone Amplifier

All-New DAC

DAC chip changed from WM8740 to PCM5102 effectively improving linearity of internal digital filter and reducing delay, improving audio quality, with no phase shift and reduced silence interval on changing tracks.

Lower Noise Floor

Optimized low-pass filter and bass boost circuits ensure further lower noise floor in all states.

All-New Amplification Stage

Amplification op amp changed from AD8397 to LMH6643 Employing buffer design to ensure both superior transient response and driving power.

As Portable and Sturdy as Ever

Compact and tough build, with brushed aluminum shell and chassis, perfect for portable use.


Power Supply : Standard Micro USB port

Output Power: 200mW@320

Sample Rate (USB decoding): Maximum of 24bit /96kHz

supported S/N ratio: >108dB

Coaxial Digital Output: Stereo PCM

Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz

Headphone Impedance (recommended): 16-1500

Dimensions: 79mmx49.1mm×21mm

Weight: 78g

Customer Reviews

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Still haven't received the product

Sorry I can't give a proper review as I am yet to receive the product. The delivery team is being totally uncooperative. I'm starting to regret paying for the product in advance.

A great entry point

When buying a pair of HE400SE from Gears For Ears, I was recommended to get a pair of DAC/AMP to fully bring out the potential of my planar headphones. Having tried playing the HE400SE through both my motherboard's "premium" DAC and the FiiO E10K dac/amp, the difference is immediate.

If you are planning to get into the audiophile hobby but are not sure what dac/amp to buy, then this is a great entry point as the E10K is priced quite aggressively given its features.