EDIFIER K800 USB Plug Adjustable Plug or Headset with Microphone


USB K800

USB Computer Headsets

  • Designed for online education
  • Large black dynamic driver
  • Independent external sound card
  • Shielded wires with large magnetic rings
  • Adaptable headband
  • Exclusive stylish earcups

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Outstanding Sound Quality 

Japanese black voice coil ensures crystal-clear and detail-rich sound and provides immersive music/sound experience during leisure time.

communication headphones

Professional External Sound-card

Independent audio chipset radically improves the sound quality through the visual/digital signal transition to convey messages from teachers to students.

communication headphones with mic

Adjustable Headband 

These headphones are designed to fit all head shapes and sizes, plus their durability guarantees the safety of use by the students.

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Professional Online Learning Headset

A superior built-in microphone is essential for students and teachers for clear communications and voice pick-ups, making an online course even closer to face-to-face communication that greatly improves the efficiency of learning.

communication headphones with mic

Listening Protection

Smart volume control technology strictly limits the output of sound pressure to avoid hearing damage.

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120-degree Rotating Microphone

The extended microphone can easily twist 120 degrees with single-direction clear voice pick-up, to guarantee crisp, clear communication and listening during an online class.

communication headphones with mic

Comfortable Wearing

The high-end memory foam earmuffs are designed for long-lasting comfort and help students or users to focus on learning or working.

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High-quality Cable

The 2.8m high-quality cable employees durable materials to improve its flexibility and resilience, to resist any wear and tear, and remain reliable after hundreds of tests.


Frequency response
  • 20Hz-20kHz
  • 32Ω
Sound pressure level
  • 91±3dB
  • -42dB±3dB
Microphone direction
  • Single point
  • USB-A plug
Cable length
  • 2.8m