Edifier GM3 Bluetooth Gaming Earbuds

Black Red

About this item

  • High quality in-ears featuring a tweeter and bass driver for crisp performance
  • Strong bass and vibration effects for a totally immersive experience
  • Retractable omni-directional microphone for optimal reception
  • Up to 9 hours playback with power display
  • In-ear ergonomic design and soft ear pads offer comfort for extended play

The Edifier GM3 has come to meet the best gaming experience in an in ear headset. With the Bluetooth 5.0 connection + Qualcomm aptX certification, the GM3 Edifier is the phone that offers no noticeable latency (delay) in Bluetooth connections. This ensures that the actions during the game are 100% in real time so as not to lose the milliseconds in the audio that can make all the difference in the performance of a professional player. With the 10mm driver, the Edifier GM3 gaming headset offers balanced and comfortable audio power for listening to music or any type of game with Edifier audio definition. Perfect acoustics With professional calibration of audio drivers, the GM3 Edifier gamer phone offers a quick perception of audio direction. This is an assistance feature so that the professional gamer is at an advantage in the matches. A totally immersive gaming experience with the Edifier audio system. The strong effects in the bass generate a vibration in the GM3. The feeling of being totally focused on the match will get even better when using the innovative Edifier gaming headset. Music mode and gamer mode Edifier's intelligent algorithm will equalize the two usability modes and deliver the performance you need to listen to music or during games. This makes the GM3 Edifier gaming headset a perfect ally in your professional audio moments. 12 hour battery The 185mAh battery's performance is also perfect for everyday use. Edifier also displays the available battery capacity on the connected Bluetooth device. With the LED on, playback will be up to 9 hours and battery life may vary depending on usage and device. Professional-style Gamer LEDs give a high-tech feel in dark places. This conveys a professional air to the gamer.