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Dunu Titan 6 In Ear Monitor

12.6mm beryllium diaphragm dynamic

The sound is natural and relaxed, the human voice is full and delicate, and the low-frequency is elastic and textured, with distinct gradations revolution. Compared with titanium crystal diaphragm, Nano diaphragm and other common diaphragm, it is lighter, the rigidity is better, and the performance is outstanding.

DUNU Special Ferromagnetic Beryllium Diaphragm Dynamic Driver,Refined Speaker Design

Beryllium diaphragm's high frequency extends to 40kHz and the low frequency descends to 5Hz, which means that it can capture richer and finer details, and achieve overall improvement in high quality revolution capability to bring richer and more complete sound performance.

N52 Neodymium Magnet Ferromagnetic Circuit System,European Imports CCAW Voice Coil

Entry-level players, mobile phones, Bluetooth devices can be easily driven. The high-intensity magnetic beryllium diaphragm dynamic driver made by Dunu, the magnetic circuit system adopts N52 ND-Feb high-intensity magnetic field to greatly improve the magnetic flux, bringing stronger dynamic response, better transient performance and greatly improve the easy drive.

User-Friendly Design for Easy Insertion And Extraction

Standard MMCX sockets give DIY experience of audiophile, and can be changed into Bluetooth earphone.

Single crystal copper and silver-plated mixed upgrade cable

Standard 4 strands of high-purity single crystal copper and single crystal copper-plated silver mixed cable, the cable level is not fear of flagship standard cable, no need to upgrade the cable, the original cable can make TITAN-6 show the peak form.

DUNU Patented Catch-Hold MMCX Connector

Dunu's patented catch-hold type MMCX insertion pin, prolongs the service life, and effectively avoid the problem of poor contact of ordinary insertion needle.

Natural fit to ear canal, comfortable to wear

Ergonomic in-ear design, natural fitting ear canal allows long time comfortable listening experience.

High Strength Aluminum Magnesium Alloy Housing

The cavity is made of high-strength aluminum-magnesium alloy, which effectively eliminates excess resonance, reduces distortion and is complemented by reliable internal design of the cavity, bringing more exquisite full-frequency performance.

Present Exquisite Texture On The Chamber

The sanded coffee color has a strong texture, and the shiny black color is elegant and warm. On TITAN 6, Dunu boldly adopts a variety of different technologies to create the appearance of earphones, with more colors and richer texture.

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