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Dunu DUW-02

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Litz structure, high purity single crystal copper silver-plated, patented self-locking quick replaceable plug, patented expansion standard MMCX pin.

High purity Neotech single crystal copper silver-plated cable

Taiwan Neotech high purity single crystal copper silver-plated cable, ultra-high transmission efficiency, ultra-low transmission loss, the combination of the different advantages of single crystal copper and silver, mild and full, exquisite and clear, effectively improve the performance of earphone sound quality.

Litz structure, pure without disturbance

Each conductor has a separate insulation treatment, effectively eliminating the signal interference in the transmission process, greatly improving the transmission efficiency, the sound is more pure.

High quality materials, exquisite workmanship

As always select of high quality materials, as always exquisite technology. DUW 02 inherits DUNU's sincerity to cable products. Even at entry prices, you can get a comprehensive experience of sound quality and quality.

Patent design, solve the pain point

It can fully popularize the design of DUNU patented self-locking quick replace plug, which can be fully compatible with mainstream portable devices by replace the plug, so as to solve the pain point for users, and no longer worry about different devices and interfaces.

The 3.5mm single-end plug is included with the package. It is instantly compatible with 2.5mm balanced, 3.5mm PRO balanced, 4.4mm balanced and other mainstream standards through the purchase of retail plugs.

Patented plug, stable and durable

Patented expansion pin design, standard MMCX interface, wide compatibility, compared with the non-expansion pin, reliability and service life greatly improved, and effectively reduce contact due to poor pin.

Imported outer cover, soft and high transparent

The outer cover of the cable is made of imported glue, soft and skin-friendly, high transparent and beautiful, effectively protecting the cable and greatly reducing the effect of stethoscope.

Wide compatibility, worry-free upgrade

Widely compatible with MMCX earphones, enabling more user experience upgrades.

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