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DUNU DK-3001 PRO In Ear Monitor

New Architecture, Extraordinary Resolution

13mm double-sided rhodium-plated Dynamic unit, two Knowles custom mid-high frequency independent Balanced Armature units, two ultra-high-frequency Balanced Armature units, plus DUNU's mature tuning of the iron structure, showing musical details And high quality sound level.

Precision-designed stainless steel housing

Precision-machined S316 stainless steel cavity housing with scientific internal design that effectively suppresses harmonic resonance and delivers a clear sound experience.

Comfortable To Wear

Based on ergonomic design, the curvature of the front cavity, the angle of inclination of the catheter, etc., are continuously designed and optimized after collecting a large amount of data, and the wearing experience is very comfortable.

High-purity Single-crystal Copper Earphone Cable

Using double-refinement technology, it is made of high-purity single crystal copper to make wires, which reduces transmission loss and ensures music signal transmission.

Self-locking Quick-changeable Plug

The package contains four plugs for more mainstream front-end equipment.

Expanded MMCX pin design

Widely compatible with other brands of headphones and wires with this interface, its reliability and service life are greatly improved, and the probability of poor contact is effectively reduced.

Customized SpinFit Eartips

Effectively enhance sound quality, enhance sound insulation and make it more comfortable to wear.


112±2dB at 1 KHz
Cable Length
Plug Type