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Campfire Audio Satsuma In Ear Monitor

A Fresh Take on Pro In-Ear Monitors.
3D Printed Interior Acoustic Design
Full Range Ported Balanced Armature Driver
Compact and Comfortable


campfire audio satsuma iem


So Fresh! So Satisfying!

The Campfire Audio Satsuma has a sound that is both natural and balanced.  The clarity and spatial accuracy of Satsuma’s presentation transition effortlessly from studio monitor to everyday listening companion.  The bass is plucky and tight, thanks to the ported balanced armature driver.  The 3D-printed acoustic chamber elevates the top-end extension for exceptional detail and air. 

The compact comfort of our all-new earphone body makes Satsuma a joy to use daily, on stage or on the go.  Excellent in-ear monitors for guitar, keyboards, and vocals.

Frequency Response


Listening: Jazz, Classical, Rock, Blues, RnB, Indie, Alternative, Folk, Funk, Country, Ambient, Soundtrack, Yacht Rock

ProductionKeys, Guitar, Vocals, Monitoring

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Inside Friends

3D print + ported balanced armature = Sweet Sound!

We optimize all of our earphones with carefully designed acoustic chambers that are individually 3D printed. Satsuma shares this design DNA. A 3D printed acoustic chamber shapes the frequency response curve to optimize the performance of its full-range ported balanced armature driver.

The addition of the rear port on the balanced armature gives us just the right amount of bass from our full-range driver.

campfire audio satsuma iem

Orange Fizz

Vibrant color + Durable finish

Our line of custom in-ear monitors directly inspired our all-new shell material.  This material provides a smooth and comfortable fit.  It also holds up against the rigors of the touring musician.  Lightweight and comfortable, Satsuma delivers.

campfire audio satsuma iem

campfire audio smoky lite cable

‘Smoky Lite’

New Silver Plated Copper Litz Cable for Satsuma

A lightweight, streamlined version of our classic ‘Smoky Litz’ cable.  This new ‘Smoky Lite’ cable features 4 silver-plated copper conductors and our Custom Beryllium Copper MMCX connectors. These premium connectors provide thousands of more pulls to the part’s life and ensure that the connection you have on Day 1 will be the same as the connection years from now.  It’s an investment we make into each earphone we create to ensure a superior ownership experience for the life of the earphone.

campfire audio bright green canvas iem case

Leafy Green

Compact Canvas Carrying Case from Portugal

This is a new size carrying case from Campfire Audio.  It’s even more compact than our classic case dimensions and now fits easily into your pocket, keeping your earphones protected and within reach.

campfire audio satsuma iem

Stainless Steel Spout

Comfortable and Hygienic

Our signature stainless steel spout has been miniaturized for Satsuma.  Featuring a smaller diameter opening, Satsuma will fit more people more often, even ears that can be challenging to fit.  The comfort of the updated size is something to experience for yourself and enjoy.

campfire audio satsuma exploded view

3D Printed Interior

Carefully Designed for Optimum Sonic Performance

Close attention to detail is critical to delivering you a superior musical experience from our earphones. Satsuma features an acoustically optimized interior chamber that allows its driver to deliver the very best sound quality.