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Bryan Adams - MTV Unplugged

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Canada's ultimate Renaissance man has bounced from grizzled heartland rock to soft-focus middle-of-the-road pop without employing a safety net--or even a consultant to warn him that his legion of fans is definitely split between the two genres. For the most part, Adams steers clear of his later power ballads on this acoustic (but hardly stripped-down) set, instead reaching back to concentrate on such choogling classics as "Summer of '69." Yes, he tugs at the ol' heartstrings with tunes like "Cuts Like a Knife" (which is given a new twist via the uillean pipes of Davy Spillane), but if it's out-and-out schmaltz you're craving, there's little to be had here. --David Sprague


Track Listings 

  1. Summer Of '69
  2. Back To You
  3. Cuts Like A Knife
  4. I'm Ready
  5. Fits Ya Good
  6. When You Love Someone
  7. 18 Til I Die
  8. I Think About You
  9. If Ya Wanna Be Bad - Ya Gotta Be Good / Let's Make A Night To Remember
  10. The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You
  11. A Little Love
  12. Heaven
  13. I'll Always Be Right There