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BQEYZ Spring 2 Earphone

Olive Green

1BA + Piezoelectric Ceramic+ Dynamic Driver

Equipped with 1BA and Single Dynamic Drivers with 9-Layers Piezo Electric. BQEYZ Spring 2 IEM earphones have wide sound stage and good sounding. The perfect Triple Hybrid Technology claimed to dampen resonance and improve high-frequency sounds.

 13mm bionic diaphragm dynamic, 9 layers of Nano piezoelectric ceramics, along with coaxial dual-cavity patent dynamic ceramic horn, three-frequency independent tuning, physical frequency division, the earphone presents a high resolution outcome. 

Detachable 2 Pin Cable Design.

Spring 2 has a detachable 2 pin cable which is made of high quality 4 single crystal copper cable. The 224 core cable is more transparent and detailed in vocals.

Compared with Spring 1, we improved ergonomics and shaped Spring 2 which is more close to the ear. Same as before it’s still ergonomics design for ultimate comfortable wearing experience and secure fit.





Customer Reviews

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Nadim Ahmed
Amazing detail and clarity!

Could not be more happy with its sound signature. Mids and treble are very detailed and natural, soundstage is good enough, bass could be a little better. But overall, I think this one is an all-rounder. Pairing this up with a high-end dac/amp will definitely blow your mind!