Audio-Technica ATH-LS50iS In-Ear Monitor Headphones with In-Line Mic & Control

  • ‘Live-Tuned’ Dual Symphonic Driver comprised of two serially situated drivers within each housing to reduce diaphragm distortion, for a balanced sound with powerful bass.
  • Detachable cable with A2DC connectors for superior Left/Right channel separation and reduced crosstalk
  • In-line control with microphone for answering/ending calls and controlling music & video playback
  • Flexible memory cable offers a customizable around-the-ear fit for secure, long-wearing comfort

Live for Live Sound

For lovers of live music, Audio-Technica’s LS50’s gets you to the front of the crowd, utilising a ‘live-tuned’ dual symphonic driver containing two tuning drivers built in a single unit to avoid distortion whilst reproducing a balanced sound, with strong, hard-hitting bass and refined detail.

Dual Symphonic Drivers

Recreating the energy and power a live concert, ‘Live-Tuned’ Dual Symphonic drivers comprised of two serially aligned driver within a single housing helps to reduce diaphragm distortion for a detailed yet powerful performance.

Less Talk

Detachable cable with A2DC connectors offers superior left and right channel separation and reduced crosstalk.

A Cable That Remembers

Flexible memory cable can be molded around-the-ear for a customized, secure fit.


Manage your music and calls with ease using the in-line remote and mic.

Customer Reviews

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Asifur Rahim
An IEM that gives you the feel of LIVE!

I had read multiple reviews of ATH- LS50is before actually buying... some of them where very contradictory ... while some mentioned good soundstage ... others mentioned overpowering Bass ... My findings don't fully match with either... I found it to be a great IEM that can be powered easily even from any phone. It provides a great & wide soundstage with some depth also... instruments can be heard clearly ... and has a good warmth to the sound signature. only in very bass heavy songs i found that the bass suddenly becomes very overpowering... otherwise in most songs it seems quite acceptable given the price point. This i found to perform much better than BQEYZ spring 1 & 2 both of which are more expensive than this. Moreover this one can handle calls as it comes with a mic... it might as well be significantly better in terms of soundstage than the thieautdio legacy 3 also while the legacy three has better instrument separation & clarity