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Audient iD4 Audio Interface (Pre-Order)

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Delivering first-class studio-grade equipment since 1997, Audient boasts a proud heritage of innovative products for the audio industry. 

The Audient iD4 is a product born from that heritage and industry leading knowledge. A compact and robust Audio Interface, packing a Class-A Audient Console Mic Preamp and Discrete JFET instrument input, utilizing high-performance converters that churn out high-quality audio at 24-bit/96kHz.

The iD4's Class-A Console Mic Preamp is a high-quality preamplifier with a wide gain range (0-70dB), able to capture clean harmonics even at low volumes. A preamp that retains the original nuances of your sound. Audient are so proud and confident of their Class-A Console Mix Preamp design, that it can be found throughout their entire product range.

A rear-facing combi mic/line input accommodates vocal recordings and various microphone necessities, with a 48+ Phantom Power switch available to breathe life into condenser mics. Further inputs include the front-facing JFET D.I, designed to "replicate the input stage of a classic valve amplifier", available for use with a variety of instruments including guitar, bass, keyboard, drum machines and more.

Using the iD4 for recording two sources simultaneously? Utilize the interfaces monitor pan feature to pan both the mic pre and D.I inputs from left to right. Allowing you to create a balanced headphone mixwith ease and get tracking.


High-performance AD-DA converters ensure you get the best sound from your instrument inputs, combined with Audients "years of experience as analogue console designers" and the iD4 gives you the truest audio back. Audio as it should sound, with no interference.

A cool feature of the Audient iD4 is the 'ScrollControl' capability of its volume encoder wheel. Adjust DAW parameters, scroll file libraries and more, toggle its function by pressing the encoder down, it converts to a virtual scroll wheel and takes on a whole new purpose, more than just a playback volume tool!

New to Audients range, the iD4 also comes complete with their new creative hub ARC. Exclusive to Audient customers, ARC gives you access to a vast array of software worth over 500GBP when you register your product. This amazing offer includes industry-giant software and plugins such as Cubase LE + LE2, Eventide plugins (worth over 350GBP), 10 free LANDR masters (worth over 120USD) and even two free Producertech courses and a 20GBP voucher to help you develop your skills via their comprehensive online courses.