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Audient iD14 Audio Interface (Pre-Order)

The ID14 is a USB audio interface that boasts "the best mic pre-amps on an audio interface" combined with top quality digital converters that will satisfy the most discerning audiophile. Compact and versatile, The ID14 turns your DAW into a world-class recording system with 2 dual mic/line inputs and a sleek and intuitive design. The ID14 is designed to be ultra compact and easy to take to any recording venue, but with expandability through optical connections, the ID14 is also versatile and able to connect to up to 10 extra input channels using something like an 8 channel mic pre. So if you need to track some drums or just need more inputs, you dont need to buy a whole new interface and compromise on quality . Whether you run Mac or PC, Pro Tools or Logic, setup is easy and you can start recording in no time.

Designed with a rugged all-metal construction, you get 2 classic Audient Class-A microphone preamplifiers, and a descrete and harmonically rich JFET instrument input designed to replicate the input stage of a classic valve amp. All inputs go through top quality Burr Brown converters for a clean and clear signal chain. 

In terms of outputs you get a dedicated high current headphone amplifier for pristine playback on your cans, and inputs for a pair of monitors. The iD14 gives you console style monitor control of your mixes, with professional features to dim, cut, polarity reverse, mono sum, talkback and cuemix monitor ; all from a compact little box.

To get the most out of your ID14 you are also supplied with an easy-to-use mixer app to route your audio effectively or save your settings for a session. What's more you can make use of the innovative iD button, which allows you to instantly control your DAW, plug-in parameters, the mixer app or even scroll through your iTunes library, just like your adjusting a piece of hardware. Wherever your mouse hovers, you can instantly get the tactile control of a phisical knob, allowing you to make musical changes rather than having to make incremental adjustments with the unwieldy mouse!

Providing top quality audio at this price point, you can't go far wrong with the ID14!