Backer's League is crowdfunding project of Gears For Ears. 

Since the audio and music gears market in Bangladesh is still emerging, there are plenty of brands, products and models that can't be found here. Such a small demand is not always feasible by companies to cater and thus the desire of having good gears at affordable prices remains a dream for many of you. Over the years we had to turn away many customers who wanted a certain product and we could have facilitated it but buying it an retail price and on top the heavy import cost was a lot for most of them. Thinking about us & them we localized a global concept - crowdfunding driven by the community. If you back it up by showing interest, it is our duty to bring it for you. 

Secondly we want to offer products and services at an exciting price for the community. If the number is lucrative enough and it is a win-win situation for both parties then we will surely try offer something like massdrop, kickstarter and indigogo. 

So who does it work? 

If you want to join the Backer's League then click any of the product link that is live in Backer's League and order it (simply as you order any other product) 

You will see a progress bar which will indicate how many backers need to back this particular product and how many has already backed it up.

Backers needs to pay a certain amount of advance (depending on product to product) for each unit. 

Backers will get full refund within 2 weeks if the product is not introduced due to lack of interest.

Product(s) will be delivered within the given time once the required minimum numbers of backers are met. There is a specific time till when we will accept payment from backers and if it is successful the rest will depend on shipping which is usually between 2-4 weeks. 

Backers will always get a special prices* since in most cases we will try to source the products at the best rate and try to offer at the best rate possible. 

*Prices may subject to change in cases of campaigns, sales promotion, price drop at international level etc.

What is so special about "Backer's League"?


Products featuring in Backer's League in most cases will come from manufacturers or distributors. We will try to offer official warranty if there is any. All products featured in backer's league will not always be eligible for warranty though. 



The price will be lucrative in most cases since our primary goal will be to source it direct from the manufacturer or an authorized distributor. In cases where we need to source it at retail prices, we will not be able to give any lucrative offers or special prices. 


Community Driven 

If you want a product desperately and you know others wants it too, but maybe we are unaware, help the community by sharing the product link so that they can back it up. Apart from any unavoidable circumstances we you can rely on us that we will bring it for certain. If not you are always getting your money back. 


100% Money Back Guarantee


Unlike pre-order we will return the money in a short amount of time if we ever fail to bring it within the given time range. We also return the money when a customer pre-orders but the time range is much longer but here the waiting period is much shorter.





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